Tuesday, August 18, 2009


CURRENT MOOD: ecstatic

I can't believe it, the stream is going, and after an odd nine years in the making, 2PR FM is doing it's very first live test broadcast.

With over 2000 tracksin the library, we're currently broadcasting our live stream, side by side with our archive of past programs. As they say in radio, there is nothing like a live studio.

Since 10:30 this morning, the stream has been powering along smoothly, and with no slip ups so far, the next 31 days is looking very promising.

By checking various streaming services, egihosting seemed to be the most reasonable with their pricing and reputation, as it looks like they're recommended by a number of radio info sites.

Through thick and thin, 2PR FM continues to grow and move with the times. For me, this is certainly a magical moment, in light of what a dead year this has been.

You can tune in at: http://www.2prfm.com and then click listen. Enjoy!