Sunday, February 26, 2012

So all the proverbial is hitting the Labor fan.

Well, I would have to say that I'm not surprised, in particularly what a moral junkyard that Labor has become. Baby Gillard went jumping all around, misbehaving over the playpen back in June 2010, when she knifed Kevin Rudd in the back. Trying to step back for a moment of the entire left and right thingy, I guess it is only commonsense that when one dishes out a certain spite, that they can only expect it to come right back.

Over the last week, this is exactly what has happened. Though it is comfortable to say that this has been brewing for around 18 months, the rot was already deep seeded in the labor camp for the likes of Bill Shorten, Mark Arbib, Brendan O'Connor, and stunningly, a guy whose moral standing has been reduced to the size of a mouse; Wayne Swan. This was already back in late 2008 into early 2009, the initial period of Rudd's rule. For those with a longer memory then a baby pup, little Swan boy once represented the body of Australian Council of Social Services, a left leaning think tank that advised governments across Australia on social policy. Back then, Swan was an avid supporter for intelligent social policy. Now his presents is nothing more then a puppet whose entire philosophy is based on how his strings are pulled. With some of his more recent performances, he seems now to support the likes of Gillard, Shorten, Arbib, and O'Connor.

So now you're wondering I'm a supporter for Whitlam based policies that had Australia nearly bankrupt back in 1975, because I can write an entire essay on what a mess the Whitlam camp was too. What seems to be the main issue here is a failure of making both progressive and conservative policy work together. The problem with expressing any policy on either side is, mentioning a line of thought is enough to get one pigeon holed. For example, two great policies that Gillard has put out were the mining tax, and means testing for medicare eligibility.

With the huge profits made by the minors, particularly with the boom in Western Australia, I can't see the mining tax being a bad thing. This is considering they are sucking everything out of our earth, but please don't mistake me for one who loves hugging trees. With the mining tax in play, we now get scenarios such as Gina Rinehart purchasing media which in itself is a worry. Will we now have a press speaking the minor’s voice at the expense of social policy?

We saw how quickly programming changed at Network 10 when Lachlan Murdoch purchased a large amount of shares into the television network. Video Hits was scrapped in favour of the Bolt Report. I used to be a huge Video Hits Fan back in the 80s and 90s, when compiling my charts; the show was a great source for finding new music. On the other hand, I may have been lucky to watch a few shows of Video Hits over the last seven odd years; the music certainly leaves a lot to be desired. Whether one loves or hates Video Hits, the show would have been part of Ten's light entertainment quota. I would have thought removing it for the Bolt Report would be a concern. This would mean that Ten is showing much less light entertainment, and too much current affair material. Without getting bogged down into the workings of the television industry, this is an example on how Rinehart and Murdoch place their opinion first over what content a media outlet should be airing.

Secondly the means testing of Medicare is also not a bad thing, I would of thought anyone with some commonsense would realise that Medicare was there to support those who are on lower incomes. Though this would be easy for me to say, as I currently live off a disability support pension, I would swear whole heartedly that I would have no problem if the shoe was on the other foot.

But this is where Labor has got it awfully wrong, and I don't think anyone knows what the hell is happening. It is agreeable to note that boat arrivals into Australia have greatly increased since John Howard left office. Though I was not a supporter of John Howard, his stand on illegals was perfect, and his policy had sent a strong message through to those who smuggle the illegals through. What is annoying is that the money spent on these waste of times, could be spent on inclusive policies for people with Handicaps. As noted by this Telegraph article, it is astonishing how much money is drained on these losers.

I guess being of European descent, I'm not saying that immigration is a bad thing, but there is something that needs to be understood in three specific tears; Migrants, Refugees, and Illegals. The phrase "Asylum seekers" doesn't exist in my vocabulary. I would view migrants is being valuable to the growth of Australia, people who come from overseas to contribute, such as starting a business or whatever. Refugees would be those in dire need, such as escapees from North Korea, or the escape from the torturess regimes of Syria and Zimbabwe. And illegals, simply put are economic tourists who want to take our jobs, and be a liability on our social security system. What is interesting when the illegals cry poor, is the inevitable follow up story revealing how they paid over 30 to 40 grand to the smugglers. To be honest, I've never seen that amount of money in my life, so in that context it is hard to believe their stories of pity.

So when coming back to how a government works, these are the issues that a leader should look into. I guess what would be interesting is if Rudd did win the ballot tomorrow. The greatest thing I would be looking forward to is seeing Shorten, Arbib, O'Connor, and particularly Swan crawling back into line with their tales between their legs. This would be a splendid sight to see. I can now sort of imagine the Wayne Swan line, "Ah look, it was all in the spirit of the moment, but I genuinely do not have any bad feelings toward Rudd at all". Truly this will be a real laugh to watch.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Resurrected from the grave of Myspace; My Blog

This is just a short note to say my blog is being re-resurrected from the grave of Myspace, or what is left of it. I've manage to get access to my 'Myspace" account again, after not being able to log into it for the last year or so. Myspace has changed a lot since it's inception back in 2006, and has become very buggy with a very cluttered interface. Thus, I'm taking the time to slowly migrate all my blog postings across from Myspace to Blogger, where this will be my new place of comments, updates, and well, anything I care to drop a line about. So stay tuned, this will also be the place where I'll post new developments to 2PR FM. Over the last two and a half years, 2PR has undergone massive changes, hense my lack of blog and posting activity.