Saturday, February 25, 2012

Resurrected from the grave of Myspace; My Blog

This is just a short note to say my blog is being re-resurrected from the grave of Myspace, or what is left of it. I've manage to get access to my 'Myspace" account again, after not being able to log into it for the last year or so. Myspace has changed a lot since it's inception back in 2006, and has become very buggy with a very cluttered interface. Thus, I'm taking the time to slowly migrate all my blog postings across from Myspace to Blogger, where this will be my new place of comments, updates, and well, anything I care to drop a line about. So stay tuned, this will also be the place where I'll post new developments to 2PR FM. Over the last two and a half years, 2PR has undergone massive changes, hense my lack of blog and posting activity.

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