Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's black September: a worrying move to the right?

The election has come and gone, and so has the campaign I aired on 2PR FM over the last month or so.  I was hoping that it would stir up more interest in independents, and of course the Palmer United Party, who were talking about raising pensions.

However it seems that the Liberals (conservatives) have taken control of the House of Reps, but at this stage, it is not known how the Senate is going to shape up.  All I know that this is going to make our fight for a license much much tougher.  Usually by convention, the conservative culture is one of the free market (which in itself is not a bad thing), but conservatives often have a bad habit of extending this principle to those most vulnerable.

Though I wouldn't exactly class myself as vulnerable as others with a handicap, the choices one has under such a system are not pleasant.  The point is that a strong element of the free market system is the take it or leave it mentality.  The vulnerable (most with a disability) would find themselves in a position where their only option is a job offer that is based on poultry pro-rata wages.  Or on the other hand, someone like me who refuses to work for such slavery is offered nothing.  There seems to be this uncompromising line in conservative thinking that those with a disability have to live with much less, whether they like it or not.

My previous blog entries note my concerns with the Liberal Party, but I can't exactly say that the Labor Camp is squeaky clean either.  As noted by The Green's website, both parties have received substantial donations from major corporate entities. 

So in the case of presenting my material to both parties, I honestly don't know how serious my submission was taken.  Without naming or detailing any particular minister or party, the question has to be asked:

If your party receives a substantial financial donation from an opposing radio network (in this case Southern Cross Austereo), then would they be much motivation to assist a competitor like 2PR FM with their license submission?

I'm hoping very much that I'm wrong with this, but after doing so much work, and getting nothing in return, one has to wonder.  After all, the Liberal party (particularly under John Howard) was well known for calling the unemployed job snobs and lazy.  Well, after all the work I've done with 2PR FM, am I still a job snob or lazy?  And that's where I'll leave it for today