Sunday, November 17, 2013

Time to chill out a bit:

CURRENT MOOD:  Reflective
Another year is almost over, and it's been another busy one with 2PR FM.  I'm glad to say that we are fully licensed when it comes to our webcasting stream.  This has been a great achievement when considering how much copyright regulation has evolved over the last fifteen years or so - the time in which we've been around.  It's been a confusing exercise when trying to keep up with all the changes.  In the end, I just wanted to do the right thing. 

Conversely, I've been getting some signals that I should step back a little from my efforts of getting 2PR FM licensed.  As many are aware, our attempts of getting an FM license have met very hard resistance.  Understandably I've found this very upsetting, particularly when 14 years of work has been given no consideration by the appropriate people.  I believe some of this emotion has coloured my presence over the last twelve to eighteen months or so - basically since getting the rejection letter from the Department of Broadband and Communications.  With my asperger's syndrome, sometimes picking things up is like Voyager 2 sending it's week signal back to earth - it's wanting to listen to what is being received, but understanding it is not always so easy - particularly when the pulses are being picked up with the delayed effect. 

I guess as unpalatable as it may be, for me it's a time to chill out.  I guess this has been the year for change, already earlier on this year; I started re-evaluating the amount of stuff I've got in my flat, and what I've been buying over the years.  Some serious declutterising was in order.  This is from the prospect of Housing NSW wanting to move me into a smaller flat.  I guess now is the time were this reevaluation is going to take place in the mind, and where I would like to go in life - this is not going to be an easy thing. 

As a start, I'm going to give the activities of 2PR FM a break, it will just continue on the internet for the foreseeable future.  I've become fed up with having doors slammed in my face, and it has started to take an emotional toll - they are some days where I just don't know what is happening, and can't find clarity of mind.  I've also gone through some of my online assets, such as my website, facebook, and this blog, and deleted some stuff.  I'm thinking I may have been somewhat to frank with some issues, maybe this has rubbed some the wrong way - I don't know.  I've generally just talked about the injustices that us as the handicap have to live through.  At least having a look a bit closer to home every once in a while is a start. 

I still feel that there has been something dreadfully wrong with the way things have gone.  But getting emotional about it is going to cause more hurt in the long run - perhaps jeopardising the reasonable amount of comfort that I'm enjoying at present in life.

So without anything further to say, I'm off to enjoy my other hobby, chilling out in the pool, it certainly makes the body feel that much better.  

I've posted a large update regarding 2PR FM's current situation on the station's front page, located below the petition and listening links: