Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Could 2PR FM pull off a coup?

MOOD:  Mischievous:

Okay, so you can tell I've had a ball of a time with the old Adobe Photoshop above - it's nice to dream, 2PR FM making the national news.  You know the kind of drop line, Net Station Pulls Coup, but wait a moment, what's this all about.

It's been in the news of late that a top rating Sydney radio station and their breakfast host are in hot water.  This is after the host had made some insensitive remarks about Julia Gillard's father.... the kind of stuff that we're not going to repeat here nor analyze - this is not the point of this blog.  Apparently the station's breakfast host was addressing a seminar about a week ago, when he mentioned material about Gillard's late father.

With calls now to get the radio announcer sacked, the station itself is loosing advertisers in protest of the announcer’s repulsive remarks.  One of which is Challenge Financial Services, who have also withdrawn advertising from the station.  

Now keep that thought in mind, with a little imagination think where this could head off to.  Think for a moment the glaring headline "2GB advertiser jumps ship to support disability net-caster".   Not only would a story like this give fantastic exposure to us and our cause, but would give the company sponsoring 2PR some great press.   

Many companies give little to no time to sponsorship proposals, unless the concept and approach is viable, a sentiment fare enough as no doubt a business can received literally hundreds of letters asking for sponsorship.  Though we could not offer too much of an audience to the potential sponsor, the press generated from an ex-2GB advertiser now sponsoring 2PR would within it self generate a lot of noise, which is often said in the press is good free advertising.   

So of yesterday, the word seems to be out that investment firm Challenger Financial has indeed jumped ship.  We are in the processes of confirming this.  If this is true, we've submitted a letter discussing our proposal, and a meeting to clarify the parameters of any potential sponsorship deal.  

Ultimately if the story gets very wide exposure, it should reach a much larger audience.  Hopefully this would result in more people with Asperger's Syndrome finding out about us.  With more connections and contacts, we should be able to get a much more comprehensive support base going.

It's important to note that the politicians and government representatives we have approached love the idea.   They don't want to do anything about it, because they feel I'm the only one wanting to start such a station.  In quoting what the Secretary of my local MP said to me during a meeting, "They're not going to change legislation for only one person, so he can start up his own radio station".  As much as I tried communicating that this wasn't about me, they seem to be fixed on this thought.  

This was a clear demonstration that even with 500 pages of evidence and sources, they still want to base legislation on their own misconceptions on what they think I want, over to what I actually want.  If I can't communicate this myself, we have to communicate this in numbers.  Numbers and votes are really the only thing politicians care about.   

So in the end, if this gets a look in, we'll be able to climb another step up the "political care-factor" ladder.