Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I think I woke up this morning without my stomach!

Current Mood: Sick

It was just heading onto 8:00 when I heard John Logan announce the finance figures, on ABC Illawarra's 7:45 news bulletin.  His low solemn voice somewhat reminded me of someone reading out a funeral eulogy, when he announced some share prices, and then the moment came when I felt somewhat sick; "just a few moments ago the Australian Dollar was 71.83 US cents".

Yep, I guess a few four-letter words slipped from my tongue, but then I kind of reminded myself that I must have misheard what he said.  My horror was confirmed 25 minutes later when Tony Eastley confirmed the value of the Australian Dollar, as it was still around 71 cents.

Yeah, now I was wide-awake, and immediately thinking how there is the need for me to curve my purchases from the US.  Because of Australia's crappy CD market, I buy all of my music from America.   I also purchase material from the US as well, that is related to my Asperger's.

So in the end, it's pretty much a case of things becoming much more expensive.  Somehow I see the dollar going back to 50 cents US, but then we have to thank Bob Hawke for floating the currency back in December 1983.  Considering that some people have lost hundreds and thousands of dollars in stocks, I suppose in the end, the aussie exchange rate is just one of those annoying trivialities of life.

Those days of mid July, when the rate was 98.40 cents US, are now unfortunately just a distant memory.  At that time there was real hope that our dollar would reach parody, and even over take the green-back.  That would have been incredible to see. :) :) 

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