Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Government DEN Service (disordered employment network)


It was a mild Wednesday night on October 14th when suddenly the voice of Centrelink CEO Hank Jongen came on the radio. Speaking with Tony Delroy, he spoke about the assistance they are providing for the unemployed.

I thought with a nationwide audience, this would be the perfect opportunity to get through, and note the difficulties a person with Asperger Syndrome faces.

I bought his attention to the repeated frustrations I've encountered with the various Disability Employment Network agencies. This is how they all sign me up the same way, and then don't bother producing any meetings or interviews with potential employers.

This is in the light of my successful completion of several courses and work experiences since leaving school, and operating my own internet radio station.

The main issue I bought up was that I was with Mission Employment, Job Skills, Skill Share, Nova Employment, Salvo's Employment plus, and 121 Employment. This also included my second stint with Nova Employement; and how not one of them has offered or found me a job interview.

My call comes 19 minutes and 40 seconds into the program.

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