Monday, December 28, 2009

2PR FM NOW BROADCASTING LIVE - Second Test Broadcast


Ah, well, the blood is pumping, I'm awake, and what? Its happening, it's happening. A stream is coming out of LoudCIty, and it seems to be the sound of 2PR warming up for its second test broadcast.

My head is spinning, and my feet feel like they have been sucked down to the mantle of the earth, but it's all been worth it. When that WIMAMP stream was pumping through my computer, and outputting to my Philips D8514 boombox, it was a great reminder that after hours of hard work, the result is worth every bit of it.

3:00 yesterday afternoon, I processed the payment, and within five minutes, my LoudCity account was set up. After a bit of playing around, I finally found how to configure the station page setup, and after an hour or so, it all started taking shape.

The next part was now configuring the radio station software, so that it would communicate to loudCity. This meant the inputting of several config screens. At first, it all seemed quite simple, when it was just a simple copy from LoudCity's webpage, direct into my software. After another two hours, it was obvious that I was doing something wrong, so it was a dash through yahoo, google, and some of the radio forums to find some info why my stream was dead.

After further problem elimination, it was down to LoudCity giving me an incorrect password. They were apologetic about it, and finally at 5:30 this morning, the stream was up and running.

It was now time to get a heap of press-releases out to the newspapers, and some notable websites. Now it is 7:10, and after being up for an odd 23 hours straight, it's time for me to get a few hours nap.

In the end, I'm glad to say that our second test broadcast is up and running. :)

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