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Sporting super stars admire mass murdering dictator, coming from the "utterly insane" file.

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Wow - I don't know if this is insane or utterly mad.  But when I awoken to the sounds of News Radio this morning, the female announcer announced that retired basketball player Dennis Rodman loves Kim Jong Un.  A cut from the 9News World website states.....

"Former basketball star Dennis Rodman is headed to Pyongyang with a group of former NBA players, and says he won't raise concerns about repression in North Korea because leader Kim Jong-Un is his "friend" and he "loves him"".

Um, yes, I did manage to get out of bed this morning, after hearing that, but hell, was it a very precarious walk to the kitchen, it was a miracle I made it to the breakfast table in one piece - yes I was truly dizzy.

I'm reluctant to bring this back to my radio station project, as I feel that the time has come to move on.  I'll try and put this short, sharp, and to the point.  I've pretty much encapsulated everything I've done with the radio station in my last update; "After 14 years, it's time to reflect."; http://www.2prfm.com.  The main thrust of what I'm saying here today is that those with Asperger's Syndrome find it impossible to find acknowledgment and affirmation, yet here we have a dictator held in high regard.

As noted before, my Asperger's makes communicating somewhat difficult on my behalf, in particular having the intuition of being assertive at the right time.  Respecting other people’s agendas and schedules is all part and parcel when corresponding with those in important positions, but at the same time I want to be heard.  Despite so much effort in trying to conduct a project that has proven merit, consistency, and commitment, I have found it extraordinarily disappointing and upsetting that speaking to the right people who could make a difference have been so unreachable.    

Though I've had a few articles in the local community newspaper, telephone contact, e-mails, or correspondence from those with some influence has been completely silent. The last straw came a few days before Christmas, when a letter arrived from the minister I've been dealing with.  It was of a rather condescending and belligerent tone.  It basically noted how their departments have contacted me three times, just for being told no, no, and no. 

On the other hand, we have Kim Jong Un, who is just as ruthless as his dictator father Kim Jong il, being loved by sporting stars, in this case Dennis Rodman.  It is totally mad how I've been trying to set up a radio station that represents 17% of Sydney's population (handicapped and carers) without a slither of interest from politicians, celebrities, or anyone in a similar vane.  I am utterly dumbfounded how a mass murderer, human cannibalizer, an animal who treats the people in his country like scum, and one who is now killing off his family (aunte killed of this afternoon), being held in such high regard and admiration by notable sporting figures.  Despite us getting out and attending various meetings, events, and expos, us Aspies feel that we're the ones copping the sanctions from society.  In light of how hard we try to reach out, integrate, and be involved, we feel that we're being constantly pushed back into an unbreakable cocoon.  

So to sign off on this blog, I'm struggling how someone like Dennis Rodman can admire such an animal that has caused so much suffering, hatred, pain, death to millions, and often makes war threats.  If someone of such horror can be admired, then I'm wondering in a general sense what either I or those with Asperger’s have to accomplish to be taken seriously.  In Denmark, they are looked upon highly, as they are hired by a firm called the specialists - who believe that those with Asperger's have great skill.  In Australia we are looked upon as outcasts.

So for a little light hearted fun, I would like to ask through this blog, if any other football or soccer stars like David Beckham for a little of their time.  I would like to explain that If I could have enough funds for buying a small office, and some digital radio spectrum in Sydney, that us disability people could have a radio voice - surely we are a camp of people much more deserving then someone to the likes of Kim Jong Un?  Surely 14 years of hard work in building a radio station must mean so much more, then somebody who murders his population on mass, dictates with a cast iron fist, and threatens war?  Maybe or maybe not - drop me a line at radio2prfm (at) optusnet.com.au if anyone has the answers.


For further reading, here were some of the other news items used as sources.

ABC News 24 Story on Dennis Rodman

9News World story on Dennis Rodman

Though I'm sure that most who are reading this would be well versed in the activities of this piece of scum, for those who aren't, here are some documentaries worth seeing.  I have to note that they all contain images of a sickening and abhorrent nature.

North Korea Uncovered is a BBC Panorama documentary aired sometime around April May 2013.  It is a look at the Stalinist state under 29 year old Kim Jong Un.  Reporter John Sweeney describes the filth North Koreans have to live through; people scavenge in mud for food, women wash clothes in icy rivers, and even he tells of having breakfast in a gilded cage.  Ji Seong Ho; a North Korean Defector tells how simply disagreeing is enough to be killed; sent to a labor camp to be slaughtered - yes they do this to living human beings.

Children of the Secret State is a discovery documentary that shows a frank look on the disgusting conditions that children in such a totalitarian state experience.  Shot around 2002 2003, it notes how over three million of its people have died, out of a population of twenty million in less then ten years.   From the start, the program shows graphic visions of orphans from a black food market.  A place where criminals sell food at super inflated prices to the few adults who can afford it.  Children are left to scavenge for crumbs in the mud, as adults eat in full view of starving, delirious orphans as young as five.  Children often live in conditions infested with rats, cockroaches, and other contagious diseases, with no medicine or medical controls.  Un Shoul (sudinam) who often sneaked out and into the country for leaking out damming video on the hostile conditions of such a state exposes the true living hell that North Korea is.  This is a state where many humans are treated like animals and are left to rot and die.  This is if they haven't been sent to labor camps and slaughtered under the countries ruthless punishment regime.

More documentaries on the horrors of North Korea can be found at this wikipedia page.  Just copy the title into youtube, and it should pop up. 

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