Monday, June 18, 2012

The door opens, and there's an interesting light coming through.

MOOD:  Excited

My submission for 2PR FM is all finished, with final copies coming off the printing press this morning.  After seven years of research and work, it has all come together, and somehow it feels like a lifetime, since I started typing up those first pages back in December 2005, and then loosing them in a hard-drive crash in April 2006.  It was back at it again  in 2007, and particularly so in late 2008 when it seemed after all that fame on rockwiz and my documentary, that I was not going to find paid work.  

Rather then feeling bad about it, I knew what had to be done.  With that in mind, I completely concentrated my efforts on submitting for a new FM broadcast license, perhaps the most difficult thing I've taken on in my life.  

500 pages later, the hot copies came off the press at Office works Clarence Street Sydney this afternoon, and it was a long, long, long walk down Harris Street to the office of ACMA for dropping it off.  I thought I may be lucky and get a meeting with the Chairman, as the staff was giving that impression, but then on the other hand I could have just been past the buck onto another government agency.

What I did get though was a very short, but interesting conversation with the Chairman’s secretary.  I asked her straight out, who is responsible for implementing new types of licenses?  I thought it was a political thing, and had to be done through Senator Conroy, and a change of law through parliament.  Surprisingly I learned that it is a departmental thing they can do, without the need of any politicians.  You can imagine the shear excitement that went through me, doing something without the need of dealing with dead-beat pollies was a welcome thought.  I was on my way back home, walking all the way across Pyrmont Bridge with a smile on my face, now excited that I had some new contacts to deal with.  The important thing is that no one has even hinted that I'm asking for too much, and it looks like they're taking my efforts seriously which is a very good start.    In simple english, the door is open, and there is light coming through of an interesting kind, let's see where it all leads of to.

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