Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Despite some things getting twisted around in my Leader article, I'm excited that the article is demonstrating a big key point.  This is that I'm not just another amateur in my bedroom starting a kid’s station from my mp3 collection.  With another article in another paper, I feel much more empowered that I'm smashing this pre-conception with a nice big sledge-hammer.

Most importantly, the events of today are demonstrating that 2PR FM is a serious operation that is CONSISTENT and COMMITTED to its goals.  This has been since my first article that appeared on ZD Net back in November 2000, through to today's St George Leader.  I'll say this again, I"M IN THIS FOR A FULL POWER FM LICENSE, THIS IS NO BACK YARD OPPORATION.

I think it's becoming obvious that 2PR FM is going through another new phase; you don't know these things until you experience the thick of it.  Admitfully this month has been a real killer as my frank accounts have painted it.  Some of the posts give the impression that I wanted to chuck in the towel, as last week I was truly asking myself what the proverbial hell am I'm doing. These posts give an insight on what it is like living with asperger's.  I guess the reasons why I express some of the more solemn thoughts is to write about the human side of it, but also to describe the situations where others would get disillusioned and give up. 

As true to my word, I'm determined to make my dream come true.  I remember dreaming of being in a radio station way back in 1980, when I got my first Panasonic cassette recorder.  For god’s sake after 32 years, you can bet your life I'm not going to just give up like that.  Your dreams decide who you are as a person, only ones determination will define ones ultimate fate.

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